About Us:

Mission: Cyber Music Academy's mission is to teach music to all parts of the world in a safe and cost affective manner.

Convenience: We also realize that the internet brings a whole new dynamic to the ability to reach out and teach the world how to play a musical instrument at a time and location that is convenient to the student. Our site is up 24 hours per day 365 days per year!

Accessibility: Are you taking private lessons now? If so, how much are you spending? Is getting to your instructor convenient? Are you driving your child, grand child or loved ones to their music lessons? How far are you traveling? Do you ever get in a traffic-jam? Is dinner late for the whole family when you have to bring your loved one to their music lesson? Well, not any more! You now have the convenience of having your student learn how to play an instrument at the convenience of you own home, while on vacation, while visiting the grand parents or anywhere else you can access the internet! Open accessability has just become a reality and a solution to many of your problems!

Supplement and Expedite Your Learning Experience: Cyber Music Academy can also be used by your student to supplement and expedite their learning experience. Imagine if your student could learn more faster! They would reach their goal of learning how to play their instrument independently faster and with confidence while saving them time and you money!

Your Finances: Cost is also a major factor in learning how to play an instrument. Our courses are $20 each and often offer 25% discounts when the student, their parents, grand parents, friends or loved ones enroll in one of our "BUNDLED" packages.

Your Safety: Your safely is also a concern for us here at Cyber Music Academy; Do you really know who is coming into your house? What is their personal background? Are they safe? Would you trust your child or loved one to be alone with them? On-line based courses eliminates any safety threat you may have.


Cyber Music Academy