Lesson 5 - Beginner Series - Blackbird Exercise

Let's learn to play our first song! Blackbird! | taught by Michael Singer

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Beginner Series - Lesson 5 of 10
Blackbird Exercise
This video will enable you to play a Finger Picking exercise that will make it EASY for you to learn how to play the Paul McCartney and Beatles song: "Blackbird." It provides you with another opportunity to improve your ability to play the guitar with Finger Picking, which is a fundamental guitar playing skill that all aspiring guitar players should be able to do well.
This video will teach you how to play what Mike Singer calls the "Blackbird Exercise."
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Michael Singer
Michael Singer

Michael is a hyper-passionate musical instrument and vocals instructor. He often brags about his teaching abilities and teaching methodologies.

Michael is known in 15 different countries. Now that Michael has mastered his universal teaching technique Cyber Music Academy is proud to introduce you to Michael Singer!

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Lesson 5 - Beginner Series - Blackbird Exercise
Lesson 5 - Blackbird Exercise - Command and Control
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