Lesson 1 - Beginner Series - Finger Picking

Beginner Series - Lesson 1 of 10 "Finger Picking - Command and Control" | taught by Michael Singer

Course description

This is the first of 10 Lessons in the Beginner Series dedicated to teaching you how to take "Command and Control" of your Guitar by learning one of the basic techniques needed to play the Guitar beautifully: "Finger Picking" (For Songs Like Blackbird and Dust In The Wind).

This video will enable you to understand and develop excelloent "Finger Picking" techniques. A good guitar player should be able to pick with their fingers as well as with a guitar pick. Now YOU will too!

Michael Singer
Michael Singer

Michael is a hyper-passionate musical instrument and vocals instructor. He often brags about his teaching abilities and teaching methodologies.

Michael is known in 15 different countries. Now that Michael has mastered his universal teaching technique Cyber Music Academy is proud to introduce you to Michael Singer!

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1 - Beginner Series - Finger Picking
Lesson 1 - Finger Picking - Command and Control
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